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Project 365 – 05.28.11

Went hiking up to Rattlesnake Ledge with the Todds today. I got to carry Landon up most of the way in a backpack. That kid gets heavy after a couple miles. His dad was nice enough to do carrying duty for the last bit to the top and on the way down. His mom made a nice lunch for us while we enjoyed the view. Made for a pretty nice day.

Annie by the Northwood Kids…

I was asked to shoot cast photos and a dress rehearsal of Annie being performed by the Northwood Middle School kids in Renton. It’s an impressive production full of young talent and potential, thanks to the encouragement of one of the awesome teachers they’ve got, Ryan Simpson.

Project 365 – 05.20.11

Spent the evening up in Bellingham with my rock/drinking buddy Kerry. She treated me to an awesome sunset picnic before going out and enjoying some bands in town. Good times, of course.

Project 365 – 05.16.11

2Fast: May Flowers?

Flowers were lacking this day. Sunshine, too, for that matter. Regardless, it was the biggest turn out of the year so far, and the folks even got to see some dry track mid day.

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