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2Fast Closes Out Pacific Raceways for the Season…

2Fast‘s last track day at Pacific Raceways for the season was blessed with some great weather, despite the lingering clouds throughout the day, and a spit of rain that no one really took notice of. It was a great way to close out the track season out here, and only makes the upcoming winter that much more painful. See you track day folks out there next year.

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Pseudo-Race Report: WMRRA Round 7

So I haven’t been too good about doing my race reports lately, but my first race back this season in WMRRA Round 6 wasn’t anything too exciting to write about other than just trying to get back into the groove of things and getting frustrated at Orhun for beating me on his first race.

Yeah. I’ve got a lot of things to work on.

So by round 7, I managed to cut off more than three seconds from my personal best, and I plan to shave even more at the next round, having been working with Rob and some others about cleaning my lines around the track and learning to get on the gas more and brake later. We’ll see how that turns out for round 8.

Thanks to Jay for coming out and taking pictures of some us and making us look more awesome than we really are.

A huge thanks to Jay, Joe, Rob and Tony. They put my bike back together and I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for them. That’s a story for another post, though.

So instead of actually writing out a race report for round 7, I figured the race videos themselves would suffice in showing how slow I really am. So here’s Novice Race 1 Restart and Novice Race 2. But to really express how I felt about the weekend, take a gander at the following clip. Should pretty much summarize the emotional roller coaster that I rode all weekend.

Labor Day 2Fast

The photos from the Labor Day 2Fast event are now uploading! Finally! I know. I got completely caught up with racing the following weekend, so I fell behind my usual schedule of having the pictures up a week after. At the moment there’s still several hundred photos to finish uploading, but they should all be up by mid day, barring any internet problems. Thanks for the patience folks, and I hope you enjoy your photos.

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