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Hooligan for the day…

Stretching My Legs…

It seems like ever since I revamped the site earlier this year, all I’ve been doing is motorcycle photography. The majority of my posts have been updates on 2Fast and race reports, with the occasional tangent into other things. Hopefully, with track season over, that’ll change a bit, and I’ll get to flex my muscles in areas other than track photography. Or other than photography altogether.

I do need to get my design portfolio up and on display, since it’s been out of commission for a while, so expect some more illustrations and layout to start showing up here.

How about some mushrooms for the time being?

Or Vegas shots?

Hmm. I’m already liking this change of pace.

Disappointed Ninja is Disappointed… Again.

These are fun.

Disappointed Ninja is Disappointed…

I was sitting at work, looking at all my desk toys wondering what I should do with them other than let them sit there and collect dust. Then I ran into a Gizmodo article about Darth Vader and Billy the Chipmunk, which lead me to Chris McVeigh’s Flickr stream.

And I was briefly inspired.

That’s all.

Updates: 2Fast and more video experiments…

Thanks goes to Jason Tanaka of for covering for me at 2Fast‘s track day yesterday on super short notice. I had to leave town due to a family emergency and, unfortunately, had to miss the track day. From what I hear, besides some injuries, it was a great day to be out doing laps. I should have all the photos processed and uploaded by early next week, and you’ll find them here.

On a different matter, being out of town has given me a little break from the daily routine and I got the chance to finish up another video experiment that I’ve been wanting to do: slow motion! A couple weeks ago, Orhun, of had a little birthday outing, and I brought the 1D MkIV with me to see what 60fps would look like. It confirmed my thoughts that I’m not all that fond of video that’s displayed faster than 24fps. I just like that film look too much. The faster the frame rate, the more a clip has that home-video look.

So with all that fast frame rate footage of the evening’s shenanigans, I converted it all from 60fps to 24fps – and the slow motion effect was more dramatic than I thought – and cool! Check it out below.